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Vol 216 No 39 (2021): Problems of semantics, pragmatics and cognitive linguistics

ISSN 2413-5593 (Print); ISSN 2663-6530 (On-line)

Certificate of state registration of the print media KB No 21582-1148ПР, 18.08.2015.

The collection of scientific works "Problems of semantics, pragmatics and cognitive linguistics"
has confirmed the status of professional and belonging to the category "B" (The order No 1471 of the
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 26.11.2020).

The collection of scholarly articles includes articles on the current issues in general linguistics,
comparative and historical linguistics, linguistic typology, literary studies, linguistic semantics,
pragmalinguistics, cognitive linguistics, communicative linguistics, translation studies, linguocultural

studies. This edition is intended for linguists, translators, interpreters, teachers, lecturers, post-
graduate students, persons pursuing a doctor’s degree, and University students. It is published twice

a year. Republishing is impossible. All the articles in the edition have been peer-reviewed. All the
articles have been checked up for plagiarism.


Published: 2021-06-25


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